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How to choose and use rigging hardware
2011-08-31 11:09:46



Control the rotation of the load if the load tends to tilt, lifting objects must be put aside to ensure that the load is constrained to prevent accidental rotation of the load is guaranteed.
    Rigging hardware to avoid collision, drag, pull, friction, vibration and prevent damage to the hoisting rigging hardware must be taken to ensure that the load under control, to prevent accidental collision flip or with other objects. Avoid dragging, pulling or vibration loads, if the rigging hardware, as will increase the force. If the rigging hardware to withstand load, or load in the pressure in the rigging hardware when not on the ground or rough surfaces with drag and drop slings.
    Rigging whereabouts when lifting, the load will be the case of equality constraints to land.
    When the correct storage of slings with sling lifting operation is completed, must be put back into the correct storage; if no longer in use, you must store slings in a clean, dry, good ventilation conditions, at room temperature, and placed in the shelf on, away from heat, could erode the appearance of gas, chemicals, direct sunlight or other strong ultraviolet radiation. Give priority to the use of storage items, you must check the sling in the use of any damage occurred during, not storage has been damaged slings. When lifting, the sling by the pH of the contaminated water or dilute the appropriate storage media in advance is recommended to go in and. Based on lifting sling materials and related chemical properties of reference, from a supplier's recommendation, has not used the products in question may be necessary. Slings in use wet, or because cleaning reasons, will be hung up, natural dry it.