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Different Types of Marine Hardware Products and Accessories
2011-09-20 10:24:22

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If you are a waterfront resident, boater or dock owner, then you might require certain marine hardware products and accessories including: floating dock equipment, PWC platform, Permaport, PWC floating dock, underwater fishing lights, swim platforms, PWC lift, swim rafts, dock bumpers, dock boxes, dock ladders, dock wheels, dock edging, dock floats, Styrofoam blocks, pulley, power pedestals, aluminum cleats, solar marine lights, box truss frames etc.

Dock Floats: Dock Floats are mainly used for boating as well as marine activities. Dock floats are primarily constructed of a thick-walled rotationally molded polyethylene shell that encapsulates expanded polystyrene. People generally use dock floats that offer the following characteristics:

• Foam filled dock floats for extra security.
• Dock floats with less wood.
• Environment friendly Polyethylene dock floats.
• Dock floats with mounting holes.

Swim platforms: Swim platforms are the perfect marine accessory for dock owners as they increase the enjoyment as well as safety of the boating experience. They are maintenance-free and can be obtained in various sizes and configurations. They can also include special color matching, graphics, boarding ladders and a huge variety of options according to the needs. This type of docking system assists in protecting boats from moisture and water damage keeping your boats out of and above the water.

Swim rafts: Swim rafts are considered to be the safest floating platforms. You can find swim rafts in standard sizes with four soft corner bumpers and two anodized aluminum cap ends made up of vinyl and non-slip surfaces. You can also select foam filled and durable rafts for instant access.

Permaport – The Permaport platform keeps your jet ski clean and ready to go. It is usually rotationally molded and is available with EPS foam-filled structure. You can select heavy duty, skid resistant surface permaport for different types of marine activities. It will make your boating experience easy and enjoyable. It also offers carefree floatation for any floating dock system.

Solar Marine Lights: Solar powered lights increase security as well as visibility and work as navigational aids, Barge Lights and much more. You can find advanced solar marine lights that use state-of-the-art technology and are viable for multiple marine applications ranging from marine lighting, emergency phone booth lighting, to airport security markers for parked planes, etc.

Dock Edging: Dock edging will help keep your dock safe. It is UV-Resistant and engineered to safeguard both watercraft and docks from the repeated damaging effects of marine water.

The above-mentioned marine hardware products and accessories are beneficial if you are located in a region where the water depths are frequently lowered or where there are harsh marine conditions. You can derive many benefits from moving your dock to deeper water without having to dismantle it with the help of these marine hardware products and accessories. You can obtain these marine equipment items from the marine accessory store’s website. The website also assists customers in learning more about these product accessories, and also offers detailed descriptions, standard features, model number, weight, dimensions, product images, specifications, etc. Whether you need a new floating dock or swim platform, they offer quality service at affordable rates.